Saturday, May 15, 2010

Follow the Heart ~ Rise or Fall

It sounds filmy, but I say it's true. Follow the heart! When it says something, listen to it and follow it. First thing it gives is satisfaction of living without conflict and rest is automatically taken care of. Whether it leads to a rise or to a fall, it is the path that your heart brought for you. Our heart is much more intelligent than our mind. Even our health stays lovely because we live without conflict.

When we love, when we pray, when we smile, we don't involve our mind at all, it's only heart's deal then. These are the moments when we are close to ourselves and existence and God. In these moments, whatever we do, it will Only be right!

I also believe that following your heart is a practical way too. Mind & thinking about what is right or what is wrong... all that is just a myth. Can you listen to two people talking to you? Can you make out anything from that conversation? That's why I feel that we should do something so that either mind or heart -- only 1 of them can talk at a time. For me it's easy to ignore what mind says and listen to what my heart says...
Well, this is what my soul says to me so I am putting on my blog of soul thoughts :-)

(I know lot of importance to heart talk... but I am convinced that - it's the truth of life)


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Sathish said...

mmmhhmm... thanks for sharing it... though I'm not sure :)