Monday, May 17, 2010

Gurantee for my Smile :-)

All of us go through an up and a down of life. If something's not too big event, we go through a small version of it called low mood and normal happy mood/happy mood.

For the 'up' feel and normal happy mood, there is nothing needed. But whenever we face a low mood, we need something to cheer us up. I am sure, in these 25+ years of life, all of us may have already figured out what works for us in such mood! We know that there is something/someone who can bring a smile back on our face.
  • Is it talking to someone close to you ?
  • Is it small walk alone or with some friend ?
  • Is it some outing ?
  • Is it sleeping ? watching tv ?
  • Taking shower ? (Don't laugh.. I have a friend for whom this works big time! :-))
  • Or what?
There is something that surely works for us all the times.

For me that 1 thing is "Music". Krazzy after 'sound', deeply in love with raaga and beats, fanatic about lyrics, I breathe in Music. Generally, songs with happy lyrics or motivating lyrics does the effect of an "Injection" - while other nice numbers in installment are like regular medicine dose. :-)

So music is my secret mantra which gurantees a smile on my face! Latest one still playing in my head is "Mustafa Mustafa... " (in Hindi) from movie Duniya Dilwalon ki. Lyrics of this one is awesome! 2nd Stanza telling about ~ how life moves on like a train and stations like 'sadness' and 'happiness' keep coming... so keep going! hmm.. Lovely!

Now tell me, What works for you?

(By the way, I found out that many of you read my blog secretly but never put any comment... please go ahead and find yourself comfortable to post some anonymous comment also ;-))



dav said...


after reading "Guarantee for Smile" even i am thinking what makes me smile when i feel sad...

the moment i realizes i am sad.. i cant tolerate this :) and i just laugh at myself and can't stop smiling...thats it..i laugh at me being dramabaz.

i know it is not very interesting comment but it is...


KrupA said...

Hi David, It is, in fact, very interesting comment :) & Thank you for commenting.. finally!!! :)


Sathish said...

Well... :) its mostly internal... chose one's mood... even that could be no mood too.....

(May be i'll never learn to write that'll be understandable clearly.. :) )

KrupA said...

:) I agree with what you wrote in parenthesis... :-)

What I asked is only what is that 1thing which can convert low/sad mood to happy mood again?

Sathish said...

mmm... What I'm trying in simpler words is... We, ourselves