Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Check-in & a hand bag

It's been 6 BIG years that I am away from my parents. They already feel that they have done Kanya daan and my company is my mother-in-law :-) In fact, this mother-in-law is cool who pays me lot of money every month :D

During this 6 years of IT career, I have shifted 7 times to a different apartment. Setting up the basic amenities/furniture, electricity connection, gas connection, internet connection, talking to apartment offices or brokers etc... I am PRO now :) Initially I had lot of belongings, a lot to pack if I move. But slowly I realized that I don't need that much. Lesser the luggage easier to move-in or out. Nowadays I can easily fit myself in 2 check-in bags and 1 hand bag and then I am set to move anywhere!

To some extent I realized that we really don't need a lot of things in our day to day lives. We keep on increasing liabilities in the name of investment. So I (the great philosopher ;-)) say, enjoy lesser liabilities and relax with your loved ones. At the end of the day, your family's love is all you want...

After achieving much satisfaction in my career, I also feel that now I want a short PAUSE and not move to many apartments.

"I wanna go home"....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Another crush

Well I am not 'Bewafa'... but I must say that one needs to move on in life :)

After what I said about my latest crush I came across something new just recently. What a track in my favorite Kay Kay's voice.. "Zindagi Do Pal ki from movie Kites"

Find it here ... Amazing! :)

I am in Loveeeeeeeeeee... ..............................................................(with this song ;-))

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Loving English songs lately...

At times I get craving to listen to songs of a particular language. Sometimes I feel like listening to only Gujarati songs, sometimes only Hindi. Last 2-3 days I felt like listening to loving English songs only. Someone introduced me to this song - Viva Forever. I have no clue about which animated movie it is, which album the song is from ... nothing! But this video is really romantic with lovely music. I love it now. 

Very few other English songs that I know and have fallen in love with are - "Love is all around", "Please forgive me - by Bryan Adams" and "Everything I do - by Bryan Adams", "Nothing's gonna change my love for you by Glenn Medeiros", "Right here waiting for you - by Richard Marx", "When you know...from movie Serendipity", "My heart will go on.. from Titanic", "when you say nothing at all... in the movie Notting Hill", "Annie's Song by John Denver". 

What lyrics of each song! Wow!

If you know any awesome romantic English song, please do share.


Found the one ?!!

It's been a year+ since I created my profile on matrimony sites. I have gotten hundreds of interests and messages. I declined to many while I accepted very few. From those few also, either I rejected them or they rejected me. I have many friends around me who are like me - in their right age but are single. (Note...'right age' is a subjective word)

Whichever profiles I responded to, if today, I see their online activity status, it shows they have been online recently (i.e. logged in to matrimony site recently) - which means they are still looking for the right one.

I don't get this gamble of life. All of us are decent enough, well educated, well cultured but we all are still looking. This raises questions in my mind -

  • Are we not clear what we want in life? 
  • Are we too choosy? 
  • Are we all stupid enough to not recognize any signal that life is giving? 
  • Are we too tough to compromise on any criteria? 
  • Are we not supposed to 'look for' anyone and let life take its own pace and course ?
  • Or we are yet to learn the process of arrange marriage?

I don't know how this works and how it will work for me. I am just waiting to find the one and then may be share how this gamble works. Or may be I should just wait for 'the one' to find me instead I looking :-)

Good luck to me and all!

Adios ~

Monday, April 12, 2010

Estimation Skills

Sunday Morning has taught me how important is Estimation in life at any stage ;-)

By even one inch, I can get in trouble!

There is a concept of Class 1 estimate which means from your initial estimation you can vary +/- 50%. But in life situations like this, even 1% variation is risky :)

I am working on improving my skills now...


Sunday Morning ~

Change is only Constant -- I keep proving :)

It was really a Dhamal! I did not want to open my eyes, but God made me open my eyes so wide that I didn't just wake up but I had an awakening :)

Yeah, I am talking about my 'parakrama' yesterday morning. On a Sunday morning, I was not in a mood to wake up early. Sun started rising and I realized the brightness will not let me sleep more. So I got up to close the curtains. After closing them, with my eyes closed, with full confidence about my bed's location, I tried to lie down again. And yeah, my estimation skills had gone for a toss for sure! I was 20 inches over in my estimation. I fell next to the bed with huge 'dhadam' noise. I could not get up, nor make any other shouting, nothing! But God is with me! My friend came running from other room and took care of me.

I have almost 2.5 inches scar on my back. (although it's superficial enough, it's a scar to cause some suffering for 2 days minimum). Plywood of the bed hit me hard and sharp too.

Since I was very ready to go back to sleep, my speed and force was stronger. This force only caused shock and pain. Had some fainting and nausea and then we went to hospital. After some dressing, X-ray, and 2 injections I was back home.

Since yesterday, every time I go near curtains or come back to my bed, I keep eyes wide open, balance my self on my feet and then walk :D... Experience teaches a lot, isn't it ? ;-)

Nothing to worry anymore, I shall be up and running in 2 days.