Friday, December 14, 2007

My latest crush

I know I know..Title is little misleading.

I am talking about my latest crush for a SONG.

After Masha Allah(and all other from the same movie) from Saawariya, Kitni baatein from Lakshaya, I am on to 'O Re Piya' from Aaja Nachle!

A song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. What do I say about this song?

Listen to its beats and the way the dance is choreographed!
Look Madhuri in the song with her amazing expressions!

Listen to each musical instrument played in this song (the way it starts..I don't know what it is, but it is a distant instrument I feel.) I feel as if someone from the soul world of mine is calling me. ;-)

In between when Rahat ji sings 'Piyaa....' has so much depth in it.

I feel that this song has all the moods - First stanza is a generic mood, second stanza is about - when the love takes birth in one's heart and the third one gives the sad and complaining expression. Awesome na? One song, same beats same instruments and amazing Singer at his best again!!

This song and its dance is my latest Crush!!!!! Masha Allah!!! ;-)
If you have not heard it yet then go listen to this song TODAY ~



Anonymous said...

Yippee .. I am the first one to comment.. Yeah, I have seen you dancing on that song all the time :)

KrupA said...


Thank you ji...

Sathish said...

Amazing Song... Thanks...

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