Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Powerful Quote I Say ~

I had heard many times, read it at many places that what you see is the reflection of you. But did not really understood it and hence never agreed to it.

Realized lately that whatever I find irritating in people around me, or whatever I feel angry at - is somehow part of me. For example, if someone asked me too many questions about some small thing, I was getting so irritated. But then the introspection made me see that "I" also do ask questions to many people about many things. They must be feeling irritated by me too.

I love if someone gives a nice smile at me and I found that Yes I do like to smile nicely at people so that I add happy feeling to someone's moment. Very Recently I received a compliment which said "I love the way you smile, life must be pretty good". Did you see the effect of a smile? It just emanated a positive vibration which did affect someone.

I love to see someone having positive approach about love and I am so sure that my heart is so passionate about the concept of love.

And many more things that I can go on describing......

I was already going through such thoughts and there I read something said by Gandhi -
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhiji took the approach of non-violence. Why? Because he wanted to see the world in peace, non-violence. Since that moment, the bell is continuously ringing in my mind with this sentence. I am reminding myself continuously to improve upon my negatives because I don't want to see them ever in the people around me. What More could I do? I can only try.

Changing the world is not my cup of tea. But this sentence does have power - (writing again)
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"


Friday, July 20, 2007

जब प्यार होता है

दिल में होता है कुछ ऐहसास,
उसकी पनाहों में मिलते है कई ख्वाब;

मोहब्बत की झंकार हर तरफ छाती है,
इश्क की इनायत दिल में घर कर जाती है;

प्यार का कोई झोंका सा आता है,
मन जैसे पगला जाता है;

उसकी निगाहे जैसे चेहरे को सेहलाती है,
दस्तक एक खुशियों के पैगाम का होता है;

जादू सा उसका हर शब्द होता है,
प्यार में इन्सान कुछ अलग सा होता है!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beauty - in itself.. - The Nature

They Say Beauty of Nature is something that nothing can beat and I always agree with that. Every new experience with nature makes that perception even stronger.
Recently I visited Niagra Falls in Canada. I can not describe how beautiful it is? Just pasting some of many pictures of the Falls.

If got a chance ever, go feel it yourself.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Keep living each emotion in your heart~

ज़ेहन हां कहे या ना कहे,
जवान धड़कने फैसला सुनाया करती है;
प्यार के इकरार से कीतना भाग ले,
नीगाहे चूप रेह कर भी बयाँ कर जाती है!!

Typical situation when one heart likes the other but can not tell or chooses not to tell the other person about the feelings. How I wonder that situation is! How I wonder, where life just seems unfair. Trust me, life is never unfair except the fact that you can not see the fair part of it.

Enjoy the present. Whatever emotions your heart show up - Let it continue to do so. After all, emotions exist to be lived completely. Live it!

Love ~

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It's funny and it's shameful. It's really something that I do not know what to do about it but laugh at it and at myself and then take it lightly and forget about it.

At work, since last couple of days I have been doing some practice data loads and some practice runs for overall process of Master Data conversions. (Don't worry about any software jargons, it's not difficult to understand and I won't use the difficult ones because even I do not understand those ;-)) As you picked the right word that I have been doing a 'practice' load, there is a high possibility that we end up finding a need of changing something in code or in the process or in the source etc... The 'we' here includes me and my beloved Functional Analysts (You figured right that I am a System/Technical Analyst). Every new finding in the process involves testing, testing, YES testing and testing all over AGAIN.

I have ended up re-running the entire process again and again. By default my email goes to the Functional people saying 'I have made the required change and re-ran the process, please validate' Or 'The changes are moved to the testing environment, I will re-run the process and let you know when done' Or any such submissive statement. Ah-Uh!

One day one of my Functional Analysts, noticed the 'Re-run' word in many of my emails and came back with a giggling laughter and he told me that I remind him of 'Re-Run'. Initially I did not understand what he meant by that and then he went and came back with the TV show name. Check out the snap attached - HE IS RE-RUN..

Now he calls me -Re-Run. And those of you who know me, can definitely vouch that I look so darn opposite to Re-Run. (Fatso Re-run and thin-koo- KrupA) Gosh!! I was shocked when I saw this picture. But yeah, definitely that day was one of those days when he made my day by making me laugh so much and so natural.

If you would not like to be called as some comic character then do not use any particular word so consistently in front of people. You never know when you will be called as -Rerun. Trust me people, today when I was running the process and even after all the practice when it happened that I had to re-run, I was like UHH!!!!!! Why he named me Re-run? :D It's lot of fun though :-)


Thursday, July 05, 2007


Few things are proven in this world and many are not. For the later kind, we derive our own comprehension and we see such millions of different perceptions. Here goes one such perception from my mind :-)

What a human seeks for? Answers! Answers to the questions which are on his mind all the times. A question against the existence of each and every thing. A question for his own existence!

This quest has continued years after years, one life after the other. ( This is also a question on one's mind that what happens after death? Is there a rebirth or is that the end? What Next?!!).. What happens when the man doesn't find the answer for some question? He has no choice but accepting someone else's perception. And that he is not ready to do. Because of the QUEST that drives him.

I believe there are answers for each and everything, may be there is a need to ask the 'Right' question to 'Right' people or look for them at 'Right' source. OR may be there is a need to open the heart and start building the faith in THE existence. Basically, two choices - Believe Or Keep searching. May be a middle way is a good option- believe partially and search more based on that belief ;-)

At the end of the day, in your quest, you MUST build some faith in the right direction. You should never reach a stage where you feel 'I am going nowhere.' Keep seeking for answers because after all, it's the question that drives you.

[I guess my today's post sounds like a dialogue from movie Matrix, but it's not :-) It may be influenced a little bit in the presentation but it is from my mind based on my experience]


Listener Reloaded~ (he he he..)

I thought let me give an update about how my practice of reduced talking is going on. So here it is -

As I had mentioned in earlier post, some friends of mine mentioned that I talk a lot and I can not be the good listener. This was not something that I had to take too seriously but still I did. Do you know why? Because 'I' thought it's true.

First fews days were difficult when my mind was talking what I was not talking out from my mouth :-) But then as time passed by, I got that grip of identifying where I should talk & where I should not. And yeah, Now, I know what is that balance called.

I achieved my level of comfort in this change and now I talk with controlled manner. It's not that I am changed, or my persona has undergone any kind of make-over. But I can feel it within me that I am changed and I am satisfied with that. So 'I' am, I guess, done with the necessary steps and happy with that. :-)

So let's party! ;-) Thanks to my those friends who helped me identify such a bug in my system (ha ha ha...)


Monday, July 02, 2007

Think think..

When you don't know what to think,
Do not think.
When you know that what you are thinking - doesn't make sense,
Then do not think.
Don't you think this is a very stupid thinking without any thought involved in it?

A time pass thought for you to think that KrupA has gone crazy that she is writing anything. But do not think so because I am sure you don't know what to think at this point. Also if you're thinking that I am crazy then I think that doesn't make sense, so don't think.

;-) alright people.. no more thoughts on what to think and what not.