Friday, February 27, 2009

Rubik's Revenge Continues...

So, I fixed two more sides ....,
Green, White & Yellow!
Blue, Red and Orange on their way~

Hurray!!! :-) "I truly love myself for this effort" ha ha.....


Monday, February 23, 2009

What a Productive Weekend ~

I was really tired after the Sunday errands. I did Laundry, Grocery and also explored a beautiful area in the neighborhood. I came back home and I have not even arranged my wardrobe after laundry.

I was sleepy; but I did not sleep; because otherwise my Sunday night sleep gets ruined. So, anyway, after something here and there, I started with my Rubik's Revenge where I was struggling to get '1' LAST face piece in its correct position. There was lovely music playing on my laptop. I tried many techniques and still that one piece is not working.

After a while I found myself upset leaning on the table with eyes closed. But then I got up and thought, let me try all over again!

It was around 4:25 PM on historic Sunday evening; I just had to do two moves on two sides of the puzzle and look what I got!!!!!!!!!!!!! I solved Top Layer of Rubik's Revenge 4x4 with all 16 pieces in the correct position.

There are 4 corner pieces, 8 edge pieces and 4 face pieces. If you understand this, corner piece has 3 sides with different color, edge piece has 2 different colors and getting face pieces is a challenge in itself.

In this Puzzle, it can not come correct if every piece is NOT in its correct position; so it's not like we can manage with the puzzle by shuffling left-2nd row edge piece and left-3rd row edge piece. Nah! That does not help.

If you remember, In January I mentioned that I was just away from 2 face pieces mispositioned but those 2 took a long time. (Not that I worked for it all these 2 months but still!)

Now, who wants to call me 'wanna-be geek' ? --- You are FREE to say that :) :) :) You can not imagine how happy I am right now!

"Believe that nothing is impossible and work towards it!" ~ Having that attitude is important, not the end result itself; and then end result follows! (I know I am talking too much for a small victory... but well that's how I am)

(I also added few gadgets on my blog and put the link for subscription -- and these all count to productivity of the weekend too :P )


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Local World - some drawback

Few of my friends require this kind of clock and I recommend them to keep this time in front of them before they pick up the phone. I know we are becoming global and world is becoming local. I know we can reach each other with no difficulty and the Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has been so fruitful that we can make calls in just few cents. BUT -- where do you draw a line for globalization and be considerate for someone like me?

It was her birthday and she was getting mad at me that I did not call her till half day is over; so she called me and showed her complete anger on me. Birthday means, person gets one year older - which in an ideal case - "should" mean that person gets more sanity, more buddhi. But Nah! My friend is super in converting those facts into myth. It was my 3:30 AM when she had called me to remind me that it was her birthday. She was in Singapore time zone and me in US Central time zone. HUH!!!! :P

Another friend is expert in calling me at 6:00 AM always. He always checks the Eastern time zone clock which say 7:00 AM and dials my number bindas. I agree that 7:00 AM is good time to call but come on you can't forget that I am not in that time zone!

Thank God! At least in India we have only one time zone; helps reducing the confusion.

Well, though they do this, I don't leave a chance to take their case for doing this to me :-)

My dear friends in different time zone, please buy something similar to keep a note of US Central time zone (till I am in USA) and do check the time before you call me :P

~Krupa :)

Smile and Spread the smile

It was Saturday morning and around 11 AM; I was on a walk to a grocery store and what do I see -- only silent road; few old couple with a dog and some cars on the road.

It was horribly silent and this neighborhood is so depressing, specially in this season of the year when the trees have not yet turned green and when the humid of Houston rain takes over the freshness of the air.

Hmm... That was 'me'; crying for the surroundings. But better space and greener world is inside me; I don't need to get affected by the outside colors.

However, in reality we do want to see things green around us and smiling around us; that gives us energy. And the best idea is to start doing our own share of spreading that smile and color.

Do this for me, "Smile and Spread the smile! Make someone's day!" You never know that someone may meet someone else and that someone can meet other someone and eventually that 'smile' may come to me! :-)
Keep enjoying the inner space ~ You will surely radiate in the outside world!

(I don't know where I started this post and where I ended.. but surely the end message is important ;-))

Monday, February 16, 2009

Famous Songs & their Video -- can relate?

There are few songs - very famous ones - But when I watched their original video - I was surprised. Some of them, I do not even know that actor or actress but that song is so famous! I sing those songs too, may be due to Remix version of the same I know those songs.

Let me know if you are better than me (I am sure you are:) ) and if you know the original video of these songs.

(1) Bin Tere Sanam mar mitenge hum...
(2) Nile Nile amber pe chaand jab aa jaye...
(3) Hawa Hawa.. e hawa.. khushboo luta de..
(4) Oh Hansini, meri hansini...
(5) Oh Hasina Zulfowali...