Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Love my life ~

... पल आ कर चले गए,
बीते लम्हे हँसी के पर्वत कर गए;
उड़ती हवा में वो आवाजेँ गूंजती रही,
:) बस यूँ समझों! की तमन्ना ठहर के चली गई...

How wonderful is the design of life! I was thinking it other day...

It's like you meet people, go to a new place, you start enjoying, you feel the world is awesome...
Then the path changes, you depart, you feel skeptic about it and unhappy about it...
Eventually, you understand, adjust, feel comfortable and then start enjoying it again...

Cycle never stops in a lifetime until you die.

I love it! I love my life ~ it is so full of events ...


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dandiya night... yeay....!!!

I am going for Dandiya tonight.. and I am so excited.

I am all set and ready to rock on the Garba & Dandiya beats.. The Gujju Blood is all flowing high in my body right now :) ;)

Yippee..... However it will be... I think one thing is sure.. I am going to enjoy.... :) :)



Friday, October 12, 2007

Relations ~

रिश्ते - बड़ी नाज़ुक होती है ना उनकी तार? कितना भी गेहरा रिश्ता क्यों ना हो, लेकिन जब निभाने की बात आती है तब उसे निभाना दोनो तरफ से होता है! एक तरफ़ा रिश्ता, कोई रिश्ता ही नही...

जिंदगी कितनी ही कठिन क्यों ना हो, लेकिन वफादारी हर पल कायम रखनी होती है!

जाने क्यों, पता नहीं लेकिन जब भी खुद को ऐसे हालात में देखती हूँ की रिश्ता सिर्फ अपनी तरफ से निभाए जा रही हूँ तब दिल रो देता है! कुछ अर्थ नही लगता साथ बिताये पलों का॥

Relations can become a strength and it can be the weakness also ~ It's up to us what we want it to be!



Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Slam book fun ~

Change is so constant. It is just not avoidable. I am changed a lot over last couple of years.

Anyways, the post is not about Change but about the ways to pass time during young days, during student life. Maintaining Slam book with MANY friends' information was one of many ways. (Can you believe, wiki has an entry for this also....!! huh!!)

Last weekend I was reading my Slam book. The Slam book is a funky book. It contains many questions - like "Your name, address, phone number, favorite movie, book,place, crush,etc.. " And also it contains one question at the end "Your feelings/views about me". This used to be a good time pass when people depart from each other, they express what that friendship meant to them and bla bla bla... ha ha..

All that senti-menti stuff.. some mature, some immature. Some funny and some serious.

When I was reading my slam book, I found that I was carrying one common personality that everyone used to perceive as. They wrote for me that "You are a very caring, fun-loving and bubbly personality. You are a great friend, but don't get emotional about small things in life." It was ONE Phase of 'me'.

But yea.. I am still that friendly person. Changed in many other ways. (I am doing the same with you that I mentioned in my post here.) ;-)

Now Go and read your Slam book. Trust me! you will laugh a lot. (I am sure someone else must be laughing at what I have written in their slam books .. lol..)

Cheers ~

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

'Saawariya' - Sanjay Leela Bhansali & great MUSIC !!

I am sooo against those people who say - Nowadays the music is not that good as compared to old days.

I respect the current singers and the music composers as well. There are tons of albums which are just GREAT!!

I am in love with MANY singers, their talent, their voice and the music director too. If I have to choose the Best album or song or singer, I bet I can't do that. It's darn difficult.

The latest one that I am listening to is "Saawariya" - Bollywood movie by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

All the singers are at their BEST. Richa Sharma, Kunal Ganjawala, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan, Sukhwinder Singh, Parthiv Gohil & Shail Hada (I did not know about these two singers earlier.. seems new ones) --- Wooooooow...

Superb...!! Romantic, Classical, Mischievous, Pain.. Everything in its songs. Just because of the songs - I am certainly looking forward for the movie release.


Monday, October 01, 2007

MUST READ - "KrupA is Thankful to ya all"

Brief History - I started writing Blog a year ago. That time I was pretty much private and did not really have any reader for my blog. I was Quite Closed, I would say.

Long Present - Over a year's time, I have grown in my writing and I am happy about it. I am sure, still there is a vast scope of improvement and I AM working towards it. (Trust me!)

One thing about my writing - which you may have observed is that I have always written something of my own. Yes, I started blogging because I wanted my thoughts to be worded.
However, last month, I checked my posting statistics. Note that, I also checked the posts that I had published on AllJustLove & Routinetalks Blogs of mine. That's right - I was writing on three blogs earlier(including the current one). But I closed those two and just continued on this one where with the use of 'Label' it is easier to categorize the posts.

When I was checking on the statistics, I found that I am out of pocket by 20 posts to reach to the number of '100'. The number means THE effective posts, according to me, of course. I set the target for myself at the start of September, 2007 that I will make the century by end of September.

The target did not seem tough to me considering the popping thoughts on my mind. However, as I said in this post here, it is mood-dependent. I was pretty positive about achieving the target though.

This target gave me a different feeling of staying active and it was fun on my mind all the times. I could not resist to tell you about it but the exam papers can not be shared until the exam is over. So....

Anyway, Still, I did try to describe my emotion at that time by this post - Indian Cricket Match ;-) Stay Tuned. That time it was some 14 posts left and 18 days were left in the month of September. :)

You know what? While making up the insurance policy for people, if the Agent is short of 1 or 2 policies for his target at the end of closing of the year,Then he tries to buy few small policies in his own house :D (basically adjusts it inhouse to make sure his job is not gone :))

I did somewhat similar thing (kinda cheating) to achieve the target of 100 by the end of the month. The posts "Everything is just 'He' " & 'दोस्ती के नाम ~ " are the poems that I had written when I was studying in college. They are in my collection book. But I posted them here to reach my target. :( :( :( Sorry..... I am bad.. But If I define the target then the rules 'can' be defined by me too.. ;) Nah..?? :)

Blogging is a totally different world and I enjoy blogging. Today, I have gathered a small group of readers who are my regular readers. I am grateful to all of them who have been really nice to me and more or less always given me the feed back in the form of a comment. A comment is a very motivating thing for a blogger.

Thanks to you all. Because of you I had the motivation to do something exciting like keeping a target.

Creations have no meaning if there is no user for it.

Thank you again! I celebrate my century in blogging.


Everything is just 'He'

He created my past,
By reminding me the days I have passed;
He gives me the present,
By taking me in the world of dreams - my eyes have parsed;

He is the one I've never seen such,
He is the one I'll never find such;
He is too nice that can not be described,
He is very caring that can not be measured;

He makes me laugh everyday,
And inspires me to grow day by day;
He makes me cry often,
By leaving me alone in my dreams even;

He made me see the world so beautiful,
He made me live the life so wonderful;

He gave music to my heart, like promising -
- -"Will never leave you my sweet heart";
If he leaves me & goes too farther apart,
It feels as if my soul departs;

I've never said this to him, but want him to know,
That this is not enough, but there is more;
He is my everything and will be my future,
The day is not far when he'll confirm --

"You are my dream girl & that is for sure!".


दोस्ती के नाम ~

जिंदगी में बनते है कितने रिश्ते,
जिनमें से एक है सब से खास,
to आज ये कलम ( eKalam)उसी रिश्ते के नाम,
जिसको दिया है लोगों ने 'दोस्ती' का नाम!!

जिंदगी में बहोत से है सवाल,
जिनकी बस उलझी हुई है तार;
उन सवालों के होते है खास जवाब,
जो मिले है हमें कुछ दोस्तो के पास!

जिंदगी में मिलते है कई लोग,
जिनमें से कुछ बन जाते है खास;
तो ये छोटा सा पैगाम उन्ही के नाम,
जिनको दिया है हमने 'दोस्त' का नाम!!


It's about me.. or may be it's about them..:-)

I think, I must tell you one thing that I have got great friends. Specially those who know me quite well.

Why do I say so? Because They literally tolerate me up to a great extent. ;-)

If I cook something or make Chay (tea) or even just mix the milk and sugar, then the first person to praise it would be 'me'. ;) I would say a very nice set of words to praise it that other person who will try it - HAVE to say good about it. If I buy something, the first person to admire the color or functionality of that new thing will be 'me'.

And a practical scenario will be - I will go and offer the food that I have cooked to everyone and say "Try it.. come on.. it's really nice. Just try a byte" (ha.. ha.. ) They will know who has cooked it and why am I offering it so hard. :D

My friends have started telling me that I do not leave the scope for the other person to say good about something related to me or about myself even. I will say good things about me all the times. ME - the great ;)

Over last few days, I obeserved and I must admit that they are so true. :D Good Lord! They are awesome friends :) that they accept me like that. They know that I can't stay without talking good about me. ha ha... It's funny.

To tell ya the truth - They also don't leave a chance to make fun of me. Not even a single time. So, with that it is compensated. :) They make fun of me and I make them tolerate me. It's justice, isn't it?

"परस्पर सहकार की भावना से हम जीते है"

~KrupA ;-)

Right Mood

My writing is quite a lot mood driven. Staying emotionally balanced is very necessary to write something healthy.

My friend, my roomie has left and has gone back to India. I was staying with her for more than a year and she is a fantastic person I've known. I was going through the mix emotions. One side it was the present moment which was to be enjoyed as much as possible with her while on the other side the thought of her departure was just taking control over.


Basically, at any point of time, I have more than one thing to write about I feel. But somehow if the right mood is not set then writing it with the right impact - doesn't work. How does it work with ya?