Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our beliefs...

We always have some strong beliefs, don't we? We believe in them as our guiding principle, as our driving principle. And Trust me, it just becomes THE base of our lives.

But did you realize what is important here? Important is to stand strong with that belief in any condition, in any stormy situation of life.

They say, creating a relation takes a while, destroying takes even less, while maintaining takes lot more than you can ever expect. I find 'belief' as a similar thing. It takes a lot to stay firm on our belief.

When you find yourself shaken during some situations, find yourself in a need to be firm about your belief. Feel that you are being tested. Then it's up to you how to handle it to pass through the test.

"Believe in something and then have complete faith in it. It's the best test that we ever go through..."



Departure and random rambling...

I am going home in couple of days. Yes, still a month left for that. And I have been looking for this time so desperately for a year now.

Now since that moment is next door, I am feeling heavy about the time, place and people that I am leaving behind me.

And trust me, I am a very strong person when it comes to emotions. But the DEPARTURE is that emotion for which I still have to train myself :-) It is not fair to say that I am not happy for what is going to come after that departure. I am waiting for that time too.

However certain it seems, I am just heavy when it comes to departure. I can't say 'BYE' with a smile in my heart even if I wear a smile on my face. :(

I guess that is my next lesson to learn. Learn to say 'Good-bye' with a smile in heart!! I think, I will definitely work on it.

Something random is coming to my mind right now... Bear with me :) (Telling something to my life)

ज़िंदगी, तुजसे प्यार करु में,
आ, तुजे अपने हर कदम से जोड़ दू में;

मेरे अंदर एक ज्योति सी चमकती,
तेरी हर आरज़ू से नाता जोड़ लू में;

साथी मेरी, तू ही इक हमेशा साथ है,
ईश्वर की झोली से बरसता एक विश्वास है;

आँखों से बरसते हर वो मोती की तरह,
आ, तुझे हर हाद्से का हिस्सा बना लू मैं !!



Tuesday, November 27, 2007

@ Shasta - Feeling Timeless

It's hard for me to say what time was the best one? When the Sun was up in the sky showering its bliss OR when the Moon had come out just for us to make us feel its divinity!! I felt as if the Sun and the Moon both are trying to enter the water to make it shine. And the water is ready to blosson with the stars of love by both of them..

Heaven on earth was what we all ended up calling it as...
Stars made of sun rays was what we ended up feeling it as...

चांदनी जिसे में आंखों से पीती रही,
मोहब्बत और इश्क के ख्यालों में खो गई;

कुदरत के स्पर्श को,
मैं अपने गालों पे महसूस कर रही;

सारे सपने जैसे मेरी झोली में आ गए,
दिल भर आया और सांसे रुकने लगी;
शायद बयान करने की कोशिश में हार जाउंगी, I better not describe the feeling this time...

It was Lake Shasta where we went and we rented the house boat and roam around on the water and enjoyed our 1.5 days on the boat.

The boat had every facility and was run by the engine (meaning we needed not any extra muscle-power ;-)). We had complete kitchen on it and beautiful company of music. Cool winter in California was pretty pleasant (of course with the thermals, otherwise I might had not returned in a condition that I can write here today ;-))

The best part was nothing that we had planned that we want to do on the boat and we ended up enjoying the nature and the company of each other along with lots of Picture-taking sessions. It was great and extra-great to enjoy with my very good friends.

This may be my last trip with these friends in USA before I go back to my sweet home country - India. I am glad that I enjoyed the moments that I had got in my hands.

Truly an Experience I will cherish always!!


Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello and Good morning to all,

Today is the Black friday, and the shopping mania is on.

People go early morning at 4:00 AM to find the best deals for the electronic things. It's fun to see people literally doing this to save some few dollars and enjoy the fact that they got something in a deal.
There is literally a long queue (I have heard! I have never seen, since I never went for it) :-)

I have a strong belief, that everything HAS to stay in Balance. If I am saving some money then it just goes away in something else. And I do not like the fact that I am losing money over the enjoyment of saving some money. So I do not go for any deals explicitly. ;-) (Stupid funda na!! ..Well that's how I am though)

This is particularly the holiday season. And I am going out of town to see a new place today. Will be back very soon. Will share the experience surely.. :)

Take Lotsa care..



Thursday, November 22, 2007

Exceptional Morning

Any fine morning when you get up and your throat is choked up, your nose is stiffy and your head is ringing the aching bells like anything with the body giving you high temperature feeling... how do you react?

Probably just like me. Get up, feel little restless and then make ginger chay and then take hot shower and feel fresh.

Well I am still at the restless state, still to get up and reach that fresh state. Please wish me that I get out of this physical uneasiness soon. I am going out of town for two days (Starting tomorrow), I want to enjoy every bit of it. Why am I saying this, is because, I have trouble due to Cold and there it is going to be EXTRA cold :(.

Right now, The weather here is 37 F (approx 3 degrees)..


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Saawariya - When I watched..

A movie made by Sanjay Leela Bhansali - a very good director. I perceive him as a director who makes very big movies.

To me, Big movies mean - the set will be expensive and actors will be very experienced and hence expensive too, music will be extra ordinary, the choreography and cinematography will be outstanding, the costume of each character will demand the proper artistic attention and so on...

Extremely impressed by the music of Saawariya, I watched the movie.

The storyline is not realistic. You can say it's kinda fairy tale. But as I said, watching SLB's movie is an experience one must try.

I would not discourage the thought of watching Saawariya. However, try to see on the bigger screen. It's not fun on small screen like computer or TV.

Something about Actors - Ranbir and Sonam => For a debut movie, I found the acting worth appreciating. Not too sure about making an opinion about Sonam, since the movie is more about Ranbir (The Saawariya of the movie). I can say that he is well educated for area of acting.

Rani's role => She is a wonderful actress. She Always does complete justice to the kind of role she plays. She rules the complete range of acting - From serious-to-comedy-to-romantic-to-even a prostitute..

The Choreography => WOOOOOW!!
I just loved the dance steps.. they go very well with the music and do not even look like old styles. All dance crew was coordinating fantastically. You must watch the choreography of songs 'Chhel Chhabila' (by Rani), 'Yoon Shabnami' (by Ranbir, Sonam and the rest of dance crew). Gosh! it's awesome!!

Lastly, I am not too fan of Ranbir's face, but frankly - Overall he looks a very sexy package ;-) ;-)
Sonam is presented more an innocent, pagli girl which doesn't give her sexy look so no major comments for her.

Cheers ~

Monday, November 19, 2007

Broken Promise

Last night I had made a promise to myself that I will publish one post for sure. Without doing so, I will not sleep.

:( I broke the promise with myself.

Don't know what was wrong with yesterday. Since morning I was feeling so sleepy. I felt as if entire universe/world was forcing my body to fall down in the bed.

And I slept!! But I am definitely trying to come back. Not writing a blog is causing frustration in my behavior, so I have to come back...


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Uncondtional ~

Love & Commitment - so unconditional....

(Found a picture in one of the forwarded emails..could not resist sharing the expression that I felt after seeing this..)



Wednesday, November 07, 2007

For my roomies so far...~

I am glad to meet with so many different people who have completely different background, culture, language.. (To me, We all have come from one universal life source!)

In my life so far, I have had a great pleasure of sharing the apartment with different people. However different background they had, all of them had one thing in common. Every one of them was (& is) so affectionate, very caring. They had a zeal to enjoy each other's company even if they had small fights sometimes.

Isn't it amazing the way we accept so many things in life? From complete strangers, we become so close to each other that when we depart, the heart can not resist crying.

Every moment during the growth of the relationship, it's like an adventure to know what's next. :-)

My Friend, my Roomie!

I have learned a lot from you,
Enjoyed each moment with you;

When I was sick,
You were my mother;

When I was mad & sad,
You became my soothing music;

When I was happy and crazy,
You danced with me on the tune of Now;

It was your love,
Which was motivating move;

How do I show my gratitude!

You know what? The BEST part of my roomies was - they always accepted me even if I cooked extra-sweet or extra-salty or extra-spicy food ;-)

I love you my friends - my roomies... :)

~ KrupA